Financial Independence

This site will be a personal journal of my journey to financial independence and creating passive income through multiple income streams.

1. Dividend Stocks – I have started investing with scottrade in dividend growth stocks. So far my portfolio has been under 20K.  I hope to triple that number in 2012. My low end goal is 60K, which I’d be happy with, however if I can hit 75K, I’ll be thrilled.

2. Network Marketing – Side hustle, Daniels Market America this I see as having unlimited growth potential, it all depends on how much time we invest. If you are interested in Network Marketing with DMA please click on the contact me link.  I am relatively new to this type of side income, but am excited to learn and earn. My goal for this avenue of income is to hit our next pin level of Professional Coordinator. It could happen in 2012, but I would be happy if we are just consistently earning $1,200/month and helping our team reach their goals.

3. Real Estate ? – This is up in the air, as I have no current Real Estate Investments.  It’s a tough market in Michigan, so I just want to be open to the ideas that may come available, and have some funds to react if the opportunity is there.

Also while not a bullet point of investing, I really like clothes, makeup, shoes, travel, food and adult beverages. This can get a girl off her investment track, but believe me, I do think it’s important not to forget to invest in yourself.  I’m not saying don’t pay the mortgage to buy those shoes. I am encouraging you to treat yourself once in a while, within reason and budget to help yourself look and feel like the confident and successful person that you are.  And really…will you even miss those stilettos when you are retired on the beach with your feet in the sand sipping on a Bushwacker on the beach? No, I didn’t think so.

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