Scottrade Free Seminar

Last night I went to my local Scottrade Branch for a free seminar which highlighted the basics of the Scottrader Streaming Quotes. This was an excellent and informative session for the new Scottrade investor. The class was about an hour, there were five (including me) clients/students in attendance, so there was ample opportunity for asking questions.  They also gave me a really nifty red metal water bottle just for showing up.

Next week there is a class covering the topic of Options Basics, which I plan to attend also.  I really hope by attending these classes my comfort level with investing and researching stocks will increase. 

Scottrade offers a ReferAll Program, so if you are interested in Scottrade and would like to sign up under my ReferAll Account, you will receive 3 free trades (how cool is that, there’s $21.00 in your pocket) and I will also get 3 free trades (thank you very much).  Just email me your name and email address, and I will send you an invite with full details.

**Disclaimer** I am not an investment professional, please do not use anything you read on this website as investment advice. Investing is something everyone does at their own risk. Practice due dilligence, do your research and happy investing.

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