2012 Health and Fitness Goals

For the past six months or so, we have been eating at home much more often, which is not only a healthier choice but it really saves on the food budget. We have been eating a lot of salads and I really am starting to enjoy them.  A salad can be so much more than just lettuce, I like to add a little bit of cheese, all sorts of veggies, I’ll even add leftover veggies from the dinner before, maybe some grilled asparagus or corn, it’s adds to the flavor and texture. I want to continue on this path of healthy eating. 

One thing I’ve really saved money on this past year, has been brewing coffee at home. A couple years ago, I was a frequenter of Starbucks, then I cut back to McDonalds coffee, and now I can say I rarely buy coffee out. However since I do like to treat myself, I buy the fancy flavored creamers, which I know have lots of hydrogenated oils, so this year, I want to eliminate the hydrogenated oils, and just add skim milk or regular cream to my coffee. I know it’s best to have the fewest healthy ingredients in your food/drinks. I think this is realistic because I’m not going cold turkey from Starbucks, but I’ve gradually weaned myself off that expensive habit.  I treat myself when traveling to buying coffee, but maybe just about once a month, which I think is fine.

This year I have a major fitness goal, I am committing to completing a marathon. I have had this on my list for years, and I have completed two half marathons, but never the full. This is the year. I don’t know why, but I can just feel it. I’m committed and it’s gong to happen. Tenatively I would like to do either the Chicago Marathon which is sometime this summer or the Las Vegas Marathon which I believe is in December.  I have lots of time to train, and even have another half marathon scheduled for the end of February. I am really excited to finally accomplish this life goal.


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