TJMaxx and McDonalds, Thank you friends!

I sold two stocks this week, TJX-(100-after split originally purchased 50 shares) and MCD (30 shares). I had purchased them both in May of 2010. They both did wonderful for me, TJX stock just split, and gave me a gain of about 50%, and MCD was always going up until it danced around $100/share, then I decided I just didn’t need to be greedy and sold it for $99.75, and a total gain of around 40%.

I have to admit, I feel that I had a good run with these stocks, but I feel like I am losing two good friends. I no longer obsessively check their prices, when I purchase items from their stores, I no longer feel like I am contributing the well being of my portfolio. I just thought it was time to part ways.

A few years ago, I had a distasteful experience with a bank stock, oh sure she gave me a good increase on paper, but I didn’t know when to say good-bye and just take the gain and walk away. I have learned my lesson. Now I know what gain I’m happy with, usually around 30% is great for me, unless it has a huge dividend then I might keep hanging on. It’s a case by case scenario, but I’m not going to be greedy.

What are your indicators that it’s time to sell?

4 responses to “TJMaxx and McDonalds, Thank you friends!

  1. The Stoic Investor

    Congrats on your gains!

    Selling points are something I need to spend more time on. I’ve done a lot of work on determing what my buying points are, but not so much on the selling. I guess there has to be a fundamental change in the stocks prospects for me to give it up. Not saying I wouldn’t take a gain like you did, but I try to hold.
    Totally off topic, your pic in the header, was that taken by you of some place specific or just a stock photo? Just curious…

  2. TSI- Thanks for the congrats! Yes, I’m happy with the gain. As for the photo, it was one I took, it is of Lake Michigan.

  3. The Stoic Investor

    Cool! I asked because the pic on my blog was taken while in Jordan. It’s looking out over the Dead Sea. Props to you for adding a personal touch.

    • TSI- Thank you, I like your picture too, I wondered where your photo was taken, it’s beautiful. I’ve never been to Jordan or anywhere in that area of the world. What an adventure!

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