The Monthly Dividend – Recent Buy Just Energy (JE)

I have been enamored with dividend stocks that pay monthly. After my other recent purchase of Student Transportation (STB) another monthly dividend payer/player, I decided to add another montly divi stock. This company just rang the bell today at the NYSE, it began trading on the NYSE onJanuary 30, 2012, JE had previously (and continues) to trade on the TSE. I don’t trade any stocks on the TSE, I don’t even know if Scottrade (my trading platform of choice) allows for trading on the TSE.


(From Scottrade) Just Energy Group Inc. (Just Energy), formerly Just Energy Income Fund, is engaged in the sale of natural gas and/or electricity to residential and commercial customers. Its subsidiaries are engaged in sale of natural gas and/or electricity to residential and small to mid-sized commercial customers, under fixed-price, price-protected and variable-rate Energy Contracts. It also offers green products through its JustGreen and JustClean programs. The electricity JustGreen product offers the customer the option of having all or a portion of electricity purchased from Just Energy sourced from renewable green sources, such as wind, run of the river hydro or biomass. The gas JustGreen product offers carbon offset credits, which allow customer to reduce or eliminate carbon footprint of their home or business associated with gas purchased from Just Energy. OnMay 7, 2010, it acquired Hudson Energy. In October 2011, the Company acquired Fulcrum Retail Holdings LLC.


Anyhow I felt comfortable (and had about 5K available) adding 440 shares of JE to my portfolio. I will update this add to my portfolio at the end of the month. The yield is 9.78% and as mentioned earlier it pays monthly, woo hoo!


I also had a recent buy/sell of QMM (Quaterra Mining) it has no dividend and is probably considered a penny stock. I made a couple hundred dollars. I was hoping to have the stomach to buy and hold a few thousand shares, but I realized that just isn’t how I’m feeling at this time. Once the stock went up 10% I decided I wanted out, and I made the move. I would like to get into some sort of Mining or Pipeline stock, but I’m not feeling confident in the volatility of these industries at this time.

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