JCPenney – Customer service and Great prices

Once in a while I experience wonderful customer service and I have to give a “shout out” when it happens. First of all you should know that I am a clearance shopper, I comb those clearance racks and look for items that I can get for a fraction of full price. My downfall is that sometimes I buy items that I don’t need, I am working on that (but that’s a story for another post). Back to JCPenney. I needed two bamboo shades for my updated sitting room. The clearance rack had two sizes, 23 X 64 ($7.97- original price $40) and 36 X 64 ($9.97-original price $50), I hadn’t measured but figured one might work for an inside mount (didn’t happen-too narrow) and one would work for an outside mount (oh yeah!) then I would just return the one that didn’t work and order another of the right size for full price, saving a decent amount on at least one shade.

So last night as I went to return the smaller shade, I commented to the sales clerk that I needed another shade in the larger size and would have to order it online.  The clerk asked if I’d like her to order it for me, sure I had a couple minutes, little did I know, she ordered it for me (store pickup) and it will be available for store pick-up in 4-5 days and she is giving me the clearance price! Woo Hoo! I didn’t even have to ask for the clearance price, I assumed I’d have to pay full price. What a pleasant surprise. Yay for JCPenney! Yay for me.

Also as I was wandering through the store, as they have recently started a new marketing and pricing plan, I found two wonderful items for $2- each. A nice pair of slim khaki pants (MNG by Mango) and a fun purple and black striped knit shirt (American Living, the Ralph Lauren line for JCP). So even though I didn’t really *need* either item, they are both work appropriate and I can wear them full season. There was also a one shoulder cocktail dress for $5-  I was tempted to buy without trying on, but really I don’t have occassion for too many cocktail parties, but for $5- I might go back and pick it up. I can’t help it, I am weak 🙂

What about you? Ever have a great customer service experience and want to give a shout out? Do you love a bargain? How do you say “NO” to a great deal, when you don’t need it? I need a little help in that department, I’m still thinking about that dress! I could wear it out for our 1 year anniversary, coming up soon….see I’m great at justifying things….

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