Recent Buy – Heska Corp. (HSKA)

D When I first look at purchasing a stock, I make sure I at least understand what the company is doing, making or selling. I thank Buffett for that little tip.

This is a little company background from Scottrade.

Heska Corporation, incorporated in 1988, develops, manufactures, markets, sells and supports veterinary products. The Company is focused on the canine and feline companion animal health markets. It operates in two segments: Core Companion Animal Health and Other Vaccines, Pharmaceuticals and Products. The Core Companion Animal Health segment (CCA) includes diagnostic instruments and supplies, as well as single use diagnostic and other tests, vaccines and pharmaceuticals, primarily for canine and feline use. These products are sold directly to veterinarians by the Company, as well as through distribution relationships. The Other Vaccines, Pharmaceuticals and Products segment (OVP) includes private label vaccine and pharmaceutical production, primarily for cattle but also for other animals, including small mammals and fish. All OVP products are sold by third parties under third-party labels.
I’m a pet lover, and I know in a down economy people stay in more, focus more on family and pets. People love their pets.  My picture for this post is my dog, isn’t he the cutest! 
This company just started giving a modest dividend 3.35% and from an article on SeekingAlpha could make some significant gains this year. I am excited to watch and am pleased to have purchased 430 shares at $11.90. Of course I would have loved to have purchased in the single digits, but well, I was a little slow on the trigger.
I really want to analyze companies and not just chase dividends. I know that is not a good long-term strategy. But for the short-term, it’s just so enticing! What can I say, I’m young and impetuous! Easily excitable, prone to optimism. Currently my dividend portfolio is about half long-term holds (dividend rate of 5% or less) and about half short-term watching (probably too high but just so darn exciting). Hopefully by watching closely I won’t get burned. I know as I get closer to FI, I will be less risky. But honestly, if I wasn’t saving this money in this after tax investment account, I would probably be buying frivolous things like overpriced trips to Europe or a sports car to drive in the summer.
How you determine stock picks? What are your strategies? I’m always interested in hearing what my readers have to say, even if it’s critical, I appreciate the feedback.

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