Workout Update

The good news is that I completed my half marathon on Feb 26th, and I felt great. I ran most of it, only a tiny bit of walking, with my brother and sister-in-law. We had a wonderful time and I felt surprisingly good at the end. I am still keeping the goal of running a marathon this year. I haven’t decided what one, and it also doesn’t *have* to be this year. It is just on my list to complete before age 40, which gives me little over 3 years to accomplish. But I have always figured why wait if you’re feeling good about it. Procrastination is not for me!

However, after a long race with lots of build up (we traveled to Florida for the race) and made a weekend of fun out of the event, I felt a little under the weather. So I have basically taken the last 3 weeks off, only a few walks, no regular runs, no serious workouts. This annoys me! I can only blame myself, boo!

I’m feeling much better, thanks to a product called Isotonix OPC-3, a powerful antioxidant, which really helped my sinus issues. Now I’m ready to get back on track.

Without further ado, I am re-committing to my running schedule and getting one “power workout” in a week. A power workout will either be a drop in session at my local Crossfit or a routine from my past trainer.

Next month, sometime after April 19th, I will give an honest update.

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