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Honestly…it’s embarrassing…

Ummm, yeah, I have procrastinated on the workout update, because I don’t have anything remotely positive to report. I have been so concerned about my mom and her surgery (excuses, I know!) I haven’t been focusing on my workout routine. I’ve worked out out here and there, but nothing very impressive. I have been slacking on running, although this past weekend, I did a couple sessions of 2 miles each (back to the honesty, more walking than running).

I was hoping that I’d already have reached my goal, and I’m really further away, boo hoo! I have been watching The Biggest Loser for inspiration, which is always impressive, I don’t need to lose 100#, just 10#! Why is this so difficult? Ugh, vent over! Back on track, I spent some time yesterday updating my workout log with a plan of burning 500 calories a day, and getting back to portion control for my eating style (always works best for me, no deprivation diet here).

Ok, will post another update some time after May 25. Hopefully I’ll have some positive results!

Good News! Good News! Good News!

Sometimes when bad things happen, it seems like nothing good can happen, life is horrible, woe is me. But other times when something good happens there is a snowball effect of wonderful. I’m a huge believer in the law of attraction and having positive thoughts. Even before “The Secret” became all the rage I believed in having good energy and thinking happy thoughts, in fact my mom always tried to instill a positive attitude in me. Which brings me to my first and biggest good news.

#1- My mom had successful surgery, she is still in the hospital, but healing well and strong, she is sitting in a chair and even walking. So happy, so relieved. I get choked up thinking about how much I love her and what a great mom she has always been.

#2- B’s Wisconsin House SOLD! We haven’t had the closing yet, but we accepted the offer. Of course it’s not as much as we would have liked, but it’s a young couple who love the house and property, so we feel good about selling it to them. It’s a HUGE relief not to have a house sitting empty in another State, money going out every month for mortgage and related expenses no more, woo hoo! Let me tell you, when we agreed on a final number I was giving everyone in my office High Five’s and that’s pretty out of character for me 😉 It’s OK to act like a dork once in a while.

#3- My portfolio is having a great day and I broke 45K in my Scottrade account! I had a nice little dividend from Invesco Mortgage Capital (IVR) today, and that pushed me to break a new record. Maybe my stretch goal of 75K is still possible this year.

The sun is shining, it’s Friday and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend wherever you live. Think good thoughts and let the good into your life!

Minimalist in Training

This picture is Jeff Lewis and Jenni from a Bravo TV show called Interior Therapy. I was watching this particular show this past weekend while on a mini vacation/conference with B in Wisconsin when I had an “A-Ha!” moment.  I only watched about half the show, so I can’t really explain everything they do, but in a nutshell this show is about clearing clutter and turning the rooms into really gorgeous spaces. This guy is just brutally honest, the things he says can be so offensive, it probably turns some people right off.  But for some reason I loved it. Maybe I wasn’t offended because he wasn’t talking to me, but in a way I felt as though he was. I need some tough love. I’m not a hoarder, but I have a room and several closets in my house that need some serious work. I’m saving/storing things that I don’t even know are there. Because someday, those items of clothing might be back in style, or I spent a lot of money on it, it feels like I’m throwing money away, or it’s such nice fabric, I could do something with it, or that knickknack was a gift (if it hasn’t been used or displayed in a year, I’m probably not going to use or display it ever). Time to GET REAL! I would really like to have that junk room organized into a functional space, as a guest room (B’s parents are coming to visit this summer) / dressing room. I would like to use the (now full to the point of being unusable) closet for some off-season clothes.

One thing that was really gross about that show is they found feces of rodents in the closet, it was disgusting. Now I don’t think that is lurking for me to find, but I really need to get a handle on the clutter and make it a beautiful space. I’m giving myself a deadline of June 1, 2012. I will report my progress.

Market Paralysis

Does fear make you freeze? Or do you embrace it? Fear or apprehension or a little nervousness can make me just stuck! For the first quarter of 2012, I was a buying fool! I bought 7 different stocks (over 20K, yay me, bonus and savings from 2011) and sold 3 stockes (2 were my big gainers TJMaxx and McDonalds). 

With the market being a little saggy, slow, up and down, not all the fun this past month, I haven’t bought anything in April, and the month is almost over. I have the cash sitting in my account (I’d like to invest 10-15K), just waiting for me to move it. I even had a somewhat unexpected tax refund (I hate to loan the government my money, I’d rather keep it for myself throughout the year) of several thousand dollars that I would also like to invest in some dividend stock. But of my 7 purchases this year, 3 have gone down in value (not much, each less than 5%), and that annoys me. I try to buy in the dips, but I think I was a little trigger happy, and bought a little too much on emotion rather than true valuation. I don’t want to make that mistake again, so I am just hanging out, waiting for the buying bug to move me. I need to compliment that with research and analysis, so I can make wise choices.

In order to pass this funky slump I’ve been in, I have looked to what I know best, education in a group setting. I have registered for two Scottrade* training classes set for mid-May. I always get jazzed when I take a class, and I find that the Scottrate classes are informative without being overwhelming. If B is in town, I will see if he wants to attend with me.  

The stocks I have been looking to add to my portfolio are Pfizer (PFE), Proctor & Gamble (PG) and General Electric (GE).

*Scottrade doesn’t pay me to talk about their classes, but they should 🙂


It’s been quiet around here, and I apologize for that. I haven’t posted because I haven’t executed any trades, and the market had some ups and downs that make me a little nervous. I haven’t felt like researching any stocks or talking much because I have other things on my mind, no financial things.

Basically I am worried…about my mother. She is having heart surgery next week. That is all I have room for in my brain right now.  I am thankful she is on Medicare and also has a supplemental policy, so I imagine that there will be no financial burden of this hospital stay. Emotional and physical drains are another story.  She is strong and a great candidate for the surgery, she respects and likes both her cardiologist and surgeon.  They expect a full recovery and tell her she will have more energy and feel much better after the surgery.  Well…after the recovery, which will be several weeks if not months. 

I am thankful for so many things. I live close to my parents, I have a job with some flexibility, I will be able to be at the hospital on the surgery day along my husband and other concerned family. I will be able to help my dad during my moms recovery.

Life usually moves so fast, but when you anticipate an uncomfortable event that all turns upside down. It’s these times when the hours and days tick slowly, the nerves build, the sleep doesn’t come easy, if at all. I can’t imagine what she is feeling, because she is so positive and strong. I don’t want to upset her flow of good energy by asking about her underlying fears. 

I will continue as normal, pray more than usual, breathe deep and push down my anxiety.

The market and my portfolio will be here when I’m off hiatus, and I have room in my mind for them.

If at all possible, Call your mother and tell her you love her.