Minimalist in Training

This picture is Jeff Lewis and Jenni from a Bravo TV show called Interior Therapy. I was watching this particular show this past weekend while on a mini vacation/conference with B in Wisconsin when I had an “A-Ha!” moment.  I only watched about half the show, so I can’t really explain everything they do, but in a nutshell this show is about clearing clutter and turning the rooms into really gorgeous spaces. This guy is just brutally honest, the things he says can be so offensive, it probably turns some people right off.  But for some reason I loved it. Maybe I wasn’t offended because he wasn’t talking to me, but in a way I felt as though he was. I need some tough love. I’m not a hoarder, but I have a room and several closets in my house that need some serious work. I’m saving/storing things that I don’t even know are there. Because someday, those items of clothing might be back in style, or I spent a lot of money on it, it feels like I’m throwing money away, or it’s such nice fabric, I could do something with it, or that knickknack was a gift (if it hasn’t been used or displayed in a year, I’m probably not going to use or display it ever). Time to GET REAL! I would really like to have that junk room organized into a functional space, as a guest room (B’s parents are coming to visit this summer) / dressing room. I would like to use the (now full to the point of being unusable) closet for some off-season clothes.

One thing that was really gross about that show is they found feces of rodents in the closet, it was disgusting. Now I don’t think that is lurking for me to find, but I really need to get a handle on the clutter and make it a beautiful space. I’m giving myself a deadline of June 1, 2012. I will report my progress.

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