Honestly…it’s embarrassing…

Ummm, yeah, I have procrastinated on the workout update, because I don’t have anything remotely positive to report. I have been so concerned about my mom and her surgery (excuses, I know!) I haven’t been focusing on my workout routine. I’ve worked out out here and there, but nothing very impressive. I have been slacking on running, although this past weekend, I did a couple sessions of 2 miles each (back to the honesty, more walking than running).

I was hoping that I’d already have reached my goal, and I’m really further away, boo hoo! I have been watching The Biggest Loser for inspiration, which is always impressive, I don’t need to lose 100#, just 10#! Why is this so difficult? Ugh, vent over! Back on track, I spent some time yesterday updating my workout log with a plan of burning 500 calories a day, and getting back to portion control for my eating style (always works best for me, no deprivation diet here).

Ok, will post another update some time after May 25. Hopefully I’ll have some positive results!

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