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June 2012 Challenge

This year has been going well. Our net worth goal for the year is $520K, and we are on track to hit it early! However, I haven’t been doing daily money tracking, I’m more of an overview picture type budgeter. I love to look at monthly details, and I really should keep track of mine, I’ve known this for years and never made it though the month. So that is one of my goals for June.

Also I have been slacking on the running, my knee has been giving me a little pain and I just have been lacking the whole workout motivation. Somehow I feel that June is a month to really get back on track. I am posting the goal of either running or walking 50 miles this month. This is an average of 1.67 miles a day, I know some days will be more, some will be less. But starting tomorrow, it’s ON.

Ok, one more goal for the month. We really want to get active with our side network marketing business, and I know that can’t happen unless I start telling people about it. So this month, I am going to talk to 10 people about it. Sure I know it won’t be for everone, but how will I know unless I talk about it? It has helped my allergies and my dad has been taking the heart health formula and his cholesterol is down 30 points in one month. He is only taking half of what they recommend.

Three goals, one month, how will I do? Stay tuned.


Don’t wait to experience joy and happiness

I am a firm believer that delayed gratification is sweeter. Have you all heard of the marshmellow test?  Yet, I also believe that you should experience joy and happiness in your everyday life.  I’m not saying that you should skip the mortgage payment for a shopping trip at the mall, no not that at all. What I’m saying is that sometimes we (those seeking FI) often postpone things or experiences with the idea that we will have plenty of time in the future to do those things, right now I’ll just keep my head down, work my little fingers off, eat ramen and enjoy life later. That’s all well and good (I like ramen once in a while too) , but what about today, this week, aren’t you going to get a little burned out?

As we are on this path to FI, I am going to squeeze some joy into my day. I am finding more things that bring me joy and I’m doing them, easy at that. Not all of these things / experiences are free, but I’m worth a little splurge on this road of saving, it’s part of my style 😉

Here is a list of things that I enjoy, and here’s my plan to incorporate them into my life.

1. Enjoy nature, take walks, visit botanical gardens. I love to look at gardens, but when it comes to weeding and taking care of them, no thank you, I’ll leave that to the professionals. How do I plan to incorporate this into my life, well, I plan to take at least one outdoor walk each week, I know that I should do more, but I know I can commit to at least one, and everything else will be a bonus. I have a few trails I enjoy, and I might scope out some new ones. Also we are going to be doing a little traveling later this summer, and I am putting the butchart botanical gardens on the itinerary.

2. Hot Yoga once every week or two. Now this is a pricey(to me) class, between $10-$20 a class depending how many sessions you purchase. But when I go, I feel a bit of sweaty luxury, I tune into my body and feel calm and serenity. I also am going to do a few yoga moves each night before bed. Just a little peaceful time to unwind and be grateful for my day. Maybe as I get more attune to the flow of poses, I will go down to just a class a month, or I will just do yoga on my own. Who couldn’t use a little more serenity in their life? However this is a barefoot class and I’ve been noticing all the well kept ladies with their pretty toes, which leads me to my next treat….this could very well spiral out of control….

3. Pedicures – I’m not talking the fancy smancy $60-$100 “spa experience.” I’m talking the cheap one in the strip mall for $20 that includes a bubbly foot soak and a quick hot rock leg rub down. The last time I had a pedicure was probably two years ago and I do miss this little treat. I’ve been thinking about treating myself to this little luxury for a few weeks now, and since it is quickly becoming sandal weather. I will put this on my luxury treat list for between 2-4 times per year.

Do you think I am being too frivolous with my indulgences? We’ll see how this affects my savings, will I still be able to stay on track with all my goals. Will these treats cause me to stray from saving in other ways? Or will these little pick-me-ups be just the small treats I need to stay the course? Time will tell, and I’ll report back.


The tentative ‘pie in the sky’ date for financial independence is 2020. This is just some scribbles on a notepad, nothing with special graphs or equations. Sure there have been some calculations and serious thought put into this date, but I think realistically, if we save as we have and don’t get sidetracked by major purchases (ahem…convertible sportscar), this is a completely reachable target goal.

I will be 45 (B a titch younger), wow, plenty of years left before tapping into that 401k which has been growing rather pathetically slowly lately. I don’t think it matters what we end up doing, I know we will travel more, maybe even cross-country in an RV, at least during these cold midwestern winters, brr! 

We could start a business, but that would tap into our investment income, so I’m not sure about that. We could work part-time at ‘fun jobs’ of our choice.  Just having more free time to be together will be wonderful.

Now B has to travel about 50% of the time for his job, and since we are still relatively newly married, this just stinks! He will be gone from today Monday until Thursday. I know I shouldn’t complain, I know there are soldiers who are away from their family for months, even years, so my few days a month are really just a drop in the bucket of sacrifice.  Also for B, I know it’s much more difficult for him to be away from our home, I need to buck up and just deal with it. Ok, vent session over.

Back to 2020, I am very excited to put a date on this goal and make a committment to it. Of course if it happens before 2020, that would be just fine, if it happens later, we will deal with that outcome too. As long as we are working together on our future with the end goal of spending more time together, doing what we enjoy, that is all that matters.

How is everyone doing working on their goals?