The tentative ‘pie in the sky’ date for financial independence is 2020. This is just some scribbles on a notepad, nothing with special graphs or equations. Sure there have been some calculations and serious thought put into this date, but I think realistically, if we save as we have and don’t get sidetracked by major purchases (ahem…convertible sportscar), this is a completely reachable target goal.

I will be 45 (B a titch younger), wow, plenty of years left before tapping into that 401k which has been growing rather pathetically slowly lately. I don’t think it matters what we end up doing, I know we will travel more, maybe even cross-country in an RV, at least during these cold midwestern winters, brr! 

We could start a business, but that would tap into our investment income, so I’m not sure about that. We could work part-time at ‘fun jobs’ of our choice.  Just having more free time to be together will be wonderful.

Now B has to travel about 50% of the time for his job, and since we are still relatively newly married, this just stinks! He will be gone from today Monday until Thursday. I know I shouldn’t complain, I know there are soldiers who are away from their family for months, even years, so my few days a month are really just a drop in the bucket of sacrifice.  Also for B, I know it’s much more difficult for him to be away from our home, I need to buck up and just deal with it. Ok, vent session over.

Back to 2020, I am very excited to put a date on this goal and make a committment to it. Of course if it happens before 2020, that would be just fine, if it happens later, we will deal with that outcome too. As long as we are working together on our future with the end goal of spending more time together, doing what we enjoy, that is all that matters.

How is everyone doing working on their goals?

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