June 2012 Challenge

This year has been going well. Our net worth goal for the year is $520K, and we are on track to hit it early! However, I haven’t been doing daily money tracking, I’m more of an overview picture type budgeter. I love to look at monthly details, and I really should keep track of mine, I’ve known this for years and never made it though the month. So that is one of my goals for June.

Also I have been slacking on the running, my knee has been giving me a little pain and I just have been lacking the whole workout motivation. Somehow I feel that June is a month to really get back on track. I am posting the goal of either running or walking 50 miles this month. This is an average of 1.67 miles a day, I know some days will be more, some will be less. But starting tomorrow, it’s ON.

Ok, one more goal for the month. We really want to get active with our side network marketing business, and I know that can’t happen unless I start telling people about it. So this month, I am going to talk to 10 people about it. Sure I know it won’t be for everone, but how will I know unless I talk about it? It has helped my allergies and my dad has been taking the heart health formula and his cholesterol is down 30 points in one month. He is only taking half of what they recommend.

Three goals, one month, how will I do? Stay tuned.


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