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Happy Friday, June Goals Review on to July

First off, this could be an extremely negative post, as I didn’t make ANY of my three goals for June. For anyone paying attention, these were:

#1- Daily money tracking, I did this for about 2 days, NOT GOOD! I am going to try again for July.

#2- Running, the goal was 50 miles, and the actual was closer to 15, wow, pathetic. It has been HOT here, like in the 90s HOT! We have a treadmill in our basement so I really have no excuses, but I have done a few classes at the gym, so it’s not as if I was doing nothing. July goal will be revised to 25 miles, much more realistic, will continue to take classes.

#3- Network Marketing, the goal was to talk to 10 people and I talked to one. I emailed someone else, but haven’t had a chance to chat with that person yet, so that will be pushed over to July also. I talked to B about this, and since his work is busiest in the summer, we will work harder on this goal in the fall. So the goal is still there, just not going to be a top 3. Also instead of finding business partners, I am going to focus more on customers. I have been having weekly chats with a partner, we are motivating eachother, this helps to keep this side business on my mind.

July- top 3 goals

#1- Track expenses, no excuses

#2- Run/Walk 25 miles, keep up with exercise classes, tone it up, we’ve got a cruise in September.

#3- Work on House Curb Appeal, plant some flowers, use landscape bricks and mulch.  

From Designer to Sales to Thrifting?

I’ve always thought that Goodwill was just a place to drive around to the back of the store and drop off my bags and boxes of unused… dare I say…Crap? (clothes that don’t fit or are out of style, electronics that have been since upgraded, knick-nacks that need a new home, gifts that have never been used).

However since I stumbled on a blog called Thrift and Shout I see the potential for going in the actual, gasp, front door of the store! I have discovered that my Target must have a policy to donate clearanced out items (probably a nice write-off for their bottom line) so there are often clothing items or home goods direct from Target new with tags. It’s really exciting. In the past month I have found a few items for my closet:

1) Brand new tissue weight t-shirt from Target (love these light weight t’s for either working out or sleeping – cost $2.99

2) Finity (that’s the brand) navy work pants – navy is a hard color to find in work pants, and these have a little stretch in them so they fit great, these looked like they had never been worn – cost $5.99

3) The Limited bright pink summer pants – these are fun, but bold, I don’t normally go with the trends, but for $5.99 I couldn’t pass them up. With a neutral top I don’t feel so flashy.

4) Banana Republic floral button up blouse – I wore a cami underneath because the top was a little sheer, thank goodness! this was funny, because the buttons don’t seem to want to stay buttoned, they are a shell type material and a couple times during the day, I would find my shirt was open all the way, oops! Now I think I know why this shirt ended up at Goodwill. $3.99, still pretty, maybe I can wear it over a dress as a sort of open jacket?

5) Banana Republic floral t-shirt – I haven’t worn this yet, I wish I would’ve tried it on in the store, because it’s just sort of meh- Cost $2.99

6) White House / Black Market black jeans – I was really excited to find these, they look like they have been washed a couple times, but not really “used” the back pockets have a nice detail on them, and these pants fit me well, I was really happy to find them. $5.99

7) Silver necklace, it has a really pretty chain, but  a big pendant that I want to remove but for $1.99, it is work a little DIY time 🙂

So I spent a few dollars frivilously, but seriously getting so many quality items for such low prices, really makes me re-think shopping retail.

Everytime I drop a bag of items around the back of the store, I get a coupon for 20% off along with my receipt for donation, now I’m actually using the coupons, and having a lot of fun saving money.