From Designer to Sales to Thrifting?

I’ve always thought that Goodwill was just a place to drive around to the back of the store and drop off my bags and boxes of unused… dare I say…Crap? (clothes that don’t fit or are out of style, electronics that have been since upgraded, knick-nacks that need a new home, gifts that have never been used).

However since I stumbled on a blog called Thrift and Shout I see the potential for going in the actual, gasp, front door of the store! I have discovered that my Target must have a policy to donate clearanced out items (probably a nice write-off for their bottom line) so there are often clothing items or home goods direct from Target new with tags. It’s really exciting. In the past month I have found a few items for my closet:

1) Brand new tissue weight t-shirt from Target (love these light weight t’s for either working out or sleeping – cost $2.99

2) Finity (that’s the brand) navy work pants – navy is a hard color to find in work pants, and these have a little stretch in them so they fit great, these looked like they had never been worn – cost $5.99

3) The Limited bright pink summer pants – these are fun, but bold, I don’t normally go with the trends, but for $5.99 I couldn’t pass them up. With a neutral top I don’t feel so flashy.

4) Banana Republic floral button up blouse – I wore a cami underneath because the top was a little sheer, thank goodness! this was funny, because the buttons don’t seem to want to stay buttoned, they are a shell type material and a couple times during the day, I would find my shirt was open all the way, oops! Now I think I know why this shirt ended up at Goodwill. $3.99, still pretty, maybe I can wear it over a dress as a sort of open jacket?

5) Banana Republic floral t-shirt – I haven’t worn this yet, I wish I would’ve tried it on in the store, because it’s just sort of meh- Cost $2.99

6) White House / Black Market black jeans – I was really excited to find these, they look like they have been washed a couple times, but not really “used” the back pockets have a nice detail on them, and these pants fit me well, I was really happy to find them. $5.99

7) Silver necklace, it has a really pretty chain, but  a big pendant that I want to remove but for $1.99, it is work a little DIY time 🙂

So I spent a few dollars frivilously, but seriously getting so many quality items for such low prices, really makes me re-think shopping retail.

Everytime I drop a bag of items around the back of the store, I get a coupon for 20% off along with my receipt for donation, now I’m actually using the coupons, and having a lot of fun saving money.

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