Happy Friday, June Goals Review on to July

First off, this could be an extremely negative post, as I didn’t make ANY of my three goals for June. For anyone paying attention, these were:

#1- Daily money tracking, I did this for about 2 days, NOT GOOD! I am going to try again for July.

#2- Running, the goal was 50 miles, and the actual was closer to 15, wow, pathetic. It has been HOT here, like in the 90s HOT! We have a treadmill in our basement so I really have no excuses, but I have done a few classes at the gym, so it’s not as if I was doing nothing. July goal will be revised to 25 miles, much more realistic, will continue to take classes.

#3- Network Marketing, the goal was to talk to 10 people and I talked to one. I emailed someone else, but haven’t had a chance to chat with that person yet, so that will be pushed over to July also. I talked to B about this, and since his work is busiest in the summer, we will work harder on this goal in the fall. So the goal is still there, just not going to be a top 3. Also instead of finding business partners, I am going to focus more on customers. I have been having weekly chats with a partner, we are motivating eachother, this helps to keep this side business on my mind.

July- top 3 goals

#1- Track expenses, no excuses

#2- Run/Walk 25 miles, keep up with exercise classes, tone it up, we’ve got a cruise in September.

#3- Work on House Curb Appeal, plant some flowers, use landscape bricks and mulch.  

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