Monthly Archives: July 2012

Weekend Update and Making Due

B likes to see movies, as in if he had his way, we’d be at the theatre weekly. I prefer to see movies at home with our own popcorn, where I can tear up in private. I love a heart breaker emotional story, but I prefer to keep those emotions out of public. Anyhow, I do enjoy the big dramatic action films on the big screen. I was quite excited when our local theatre put in an IMAX, I don’t mind paying a little more for that fantastic experience a few times a year. We are looking forward to seeing the latest Batman this evening, opening weekend has it’s own energy. However when I listened to the news this evening, there was a shooting at a theatre during this film. Senseless, tragic, heartbreaking, why?

Change of thought.  As we head to Alaska I think the countdown is between 40-45 days, yay!, we had a few necessary travel purchases. B needed a jacket that could withstand some rain and we found some nice deals at Dick’s Sporting Goods, check that off the list. I was less than thrilled with B’s camera that we used on our honeymoon to Hawaii last year, and for some crazy reason I can not find our video camera. So I thought, maybe I should just get a nicer camera that does both! How efficient of me! We aren’t getting a balcony room (when will I ever give that up) so we are saving sooo much money! I could totally justify that purchase, I even asked my facebook friends for recommendations and I had lots of options to choose. That is until I mentioned it to B. Well he was less than excited when I mentioned getting a new camera (given how rarely we use our current cameras, yes I meant plural, I forgot I have a decent Canon powershot). Once I realized that I probably wouldn’t use a new camera that much, and my sister-in-law already told me I could borrow her nice Canon Rebel slr, this was a frivolous and unnecessary expense. Also given how well I manage to take care of electronics (see above misplaced video camera), I had to admit this was not a wise use of our money at this time.  Maybe I will borrow a camera (and take better care of it that normal) and use that as a test run to see if I would like to make a spendy purchase.  Maybe I will just use my powershot? Either way, I have avoided an added expense and feel good about the decision. It feels good to make due.

Walgreens WAG

Walgreens WAG has been on my watch list for a few months, it has a nice little divi, 3.55%, falls around the price range in my comfort zone $30 ish, in fact for a little while there it was under $30/share.

It was a tempting play. However, it isn’t having a great year so far, YTD earnings are negative and I wonder Why? There could be so many reasons. Then earlier this week, I saw an announcement that former McDonalds CEO, James A. Skinner was named as non-executive chairman, does this mean he will have more power and influence more positive decisions for the company to move forward, be more competitive and also more profitable? The stock started to rise, was this real or my imagination. Was this announcement related to the rise? I put an order in to buy just under $30/share, well that never happened. Here we are just 4 days later, and the stock has jumped to $34/share! I missed the boat on that one. If it comes down, I’m going to make a trade. I have to remind myself to be patient. I jumped on Heska, and I’m not really happy that I was so quick to pull the trigger on that one. Ahh, live and learn, and hopefully the smart moves outweigh the stupid. We all pay a little stupid tax (as Dave Ramsey would say) once in a while.

The happiest part of my day

Yesterday I had a case of the “Monday’s” I was in a bit of a funk. No particular reason, just not feeling great. My stock portfolio was up, I was looking at my divi’s for the second quarter ($642.03) darn impressive, my highest quarter ever, I should have been thrilled.

I was looking at my goal for the year, “Net Worth $520K”, boom already done, time to adjust 2012 Net Worth Goal, maybe $550K, totally think we can do it, or at least come really close. What was wrong with me? Why was I feeling whatever goal I set, goal I met, I would just adjust it higher and yet never feel fulfilled, happy or accomplished…that was just the cranky mindset I had.

When I got home B said “What’s wrong? You’re so quiet.” Oh nothing, I just need some exercise, so down I went to the dungeon/workout room (painted bright sunflower yellow to make up for the lack of natural light) cranked up the music, and completed day 7 of a 30 day schedule in my Jackie Warner book. I felt a little better, maybe what I needed was fresh air.

Off I went to the back yard, with the dog at my heels, as I looked at the plants I realized our tomatoes were quite dry, so I attached the sprayer to the hose and started watering. Now here is the good part, I was looking at all the little green bulbs, so much potential, so much to come, so much to enjoy, so simple. I love tomatoes and watering them gave me a purpose, I felt needed by those plants, I felt happy. Then my sweet, crazy, sassy little jack russell terrier was leaping into the water spray from the hose and I laughed, he kept jumping and I kept laughing. B looked out from the house and smiled and I smiled back. I didn’t need anything more than that moment. I broke my funk, and it felt fantastic.

Rough Week, Tough Year

My mother made it through her heart valve replacement in April, last month my niece was in a four wheeler accident (which required a skin graft) then this past week my father was in the hospital where they discovered he has diverticulitis. He is still in the hospital, but hopefully will be home this weekend.  When these unplanned for events occur, it really puts life’s priorities into perspective. Sure it’s admirable to save money, it’s nice to travel and have pretty clothes and eat at yummy restaurants, but if you don’t have your family and your health, everything is for nothing! Which speaking of delicious food, my poor dad.  One of his favorite things to enjoy are gourmet meals. We always have said we can plot our lives by the restaurants where we have eaten. He has been so miserable, he said “No more gourmet meals for me.” I know it will be good for him to eat healthier and lose weight, it will put less stress on his enlarged heart, so hopefully he will not have another bout with this issue. I’d like to make sense of it all, learn some life lesson, but right now I just want to be a whiney kid, throw up my arms and say “why us, life just isn’t fair” and it’s not right now. If my dad never has another filet mignon and side of creamed spinach, he’ll “survive” his favorite phrase when things don’t go as hoped or expected, “You’ll survive.”  And maybe, just maybe learning his condition now is a good thing and he will change his eating habits which will prolong his life another decade or two. I will learn to make him some savory soups or other digestive friendly meals. We will survive.