The happiest part of my day

Yesterday I had a case of the “Monday’s” I was in a bit of a funk. No particular reason, just not feeling great. My stock portfolio was up, I was looking at my divi’s for the second quarter ($642.03) darn impressive, my highest quarter ever, I should have been thrilled.

I was looking at my goal for the year, “Net Worth $520K”, boom already done, time to adjust 2012 Net Worth Goal, maybe $550K, totally think we can do it, or at least come really close. What was wrong with me? Why was I feeling whatever goal I set, goal I met, I would just adjust it higher and yet never feel fulfilled, happy or accomplished…that was just the cranky mindset I had.

When I got home B said “What’s wrong? You’re so quiet.” Oh nothing, I just need some exercise, so down I went to the dungeon/workout room (painted bright sunflower yellow to make up for the lack of natural light) cranked up the music, and completed day 7 of a 30 day schedule in my Jackie Warner book. I felt a little better, maybe what I needed was fresh air.

Off I went to the back yard, with the dog at my heels, as I looked at the plants I realized our tomatoes were quite dry, so I attached the sprayer to the hose and started watering. Now here is the good part, I was looking at all the little green bulbs, so much potential, so much to come, so much to enjoy, so simple. I love tomatoes and watering them gave me a purpose, I felt needed by those plants, I felt happy. Then my sweet, crazy, sassy little jack russell terrier was leaping into the water spray from the hose and I laughed, he kept jumping and I kept laughing. B looked out from the house and smiled and I smiled back. I didn’t need anything more than that moment. I broke my funk, and it felt fantastic.

2 responses to “The happiest part of my day

  1. Laura @ Move To Portugal

    Sometimes that’s all it takes isn’t it. Glad you’re feeling better 🙂

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