Walgreens WAG

Walgreens WAG has been on my watch list for a few months, it has a nice little divi, 3.55%, falls around the price range in my comfort zone $30 ish, in fact for a little while there it was under $30/share.

It was a tempting play. However, it isn’t having a great year so far, YTD earnings are negative and I wonder Why? There could be so many reasons. Then earlier this week, I saw an announcement that former McDonalds CEO, James A. Skinner was named as non-executive chairman, does this mean he will have more power and influence more positive decisions for the company to move forward, be more competitive and also more profitable? The stock started to rise, was this real or my imagination. Was this announcement related to the rise? I put an order in to buy just under $30/share, well that never happened. Here we are just 4 days later, and the stock has jumped to $34/share! I missed the boat on that one. If it comes down, I’m going to make a trade. I have to remind myself to be patient. I jumped on Heska, and I’m not really happy that I was so quick to pull the trigger on that one. Ahh, live and learn, and hopefully the smart moves outweigh the stupid. We all pay a little stupid tax (as Dave Ramsey would say) once in a while.

4 responses to “Walgreens WAG

  1. I think (WAG) is way undervalued. It has been raising its dividend at a great pace and I think you could buy it here and be happy. Just my opinion!

  2. My understanding of Walgreens being beaten down was related to their lack of agreement to fulfill Express Scripts prescriptions. That has actually changed as of yesterday, though, which is why Walgreens surged yesterday while you were looking at it. (Read here: http://money.cnn.com/2012/07/19/investing/walgreens-express-scripts/index.htm)

    From what I can tell, the non-executive chairman naming was a non-event.

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