Weekend Update and Making Due

B likes to see movies, as in if he had his way, we’d be at the theatre weekly. I prefer to see movies at home with our own popcorn, where I can tear up in private. I love a heart breaker emotional story, but I prefer to keep those emotions out of public. Anyhow, I do enjoy the big dramatic action films on the big screen. I was quite excited when our local theatre put in an IMAX, I don’t mind paying a little more for that fantastic experience a few times a year. We are looking forward to seeing the latest Batman this evening, opening weekend has it’s own energy. However when I listened to the news this evening, there was a shooting at a theatre during this film. Senseless, tragic, heartbreaking, why?

Change of thought.  As we head to Alaska I think the countdown is between 40-45 days, yay!, we had a few necessary travel purchases. B needed a jacket that could withstand some rain and we found some nice deals at Dick’s Sporting Goods, check that off the list. I was less than thrilled with B’s camera that we used on our honeymoon to Hawaii last year, and for some crazy reason I can not find our video camera. So I thought, maybe I should just get a nicer camera that does both! How efficient of me! We aren’t getting a balcony room (when will I ever give that up) so we are saving sooo much money! I could totally justify that purchase, I even asked my facebook friends for recommendations and I had lots of options to choose. That is until I mentioned it to B. Well he was less than excited when I mentioned getting a new camera (given how rarely we use our current cameras, yes I meant plural, I forgot I have a decent Canon powershot). Once I realized that I probably wouldn’t use a new camera that much, and my sister-in-law already told me I could borrow her nice Canon Rebel slr, this was a frivolous and unnecessary expense. Also given how well I manage to take care of electronics (see above misplaced video camera), I had to admit this was not a wise use of our money at this time.  Maybe I will borrow a camera (and take better care of it that normal) and use that as a test run to see if I would like to make a spendy purchase.  Maybe I will just use my powershot? Either way, I have avoided an added expense and feel good about the decision. It feels good to make due.

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