Alaska Cruise

We are back from our cruise to Alaska and it was a relaxing and fun break.  When we were in Skagway, we saw an RV and briefly imagined what it would be like to be retired and able to take our time and explore the beautiful country at a leisurely pace rather then being on the time contraints of our ship schedule, off  around 7:30 am and back on between 2:30 and 5:30 pm depending on the sailing schedule.  Not that we were complaining, it was a lovely cruise with family celebrating a 50th anniversary of a relative with 20 in our group. We always had a nice group for dinner or participating in trivia or taking in a show. If you ever have the opportunity to see Alaska, GO FOR IT!

Now that we are back on schedule it’s time to set some goals and get crackin’ on them. I think we are on track for 2020 as our target retirement date, though I most likely will continue working part time to keep my health benefits and to manage some properties that I will inherit sometime in the future.  That’s another post about family inheritance upon death, yikes!, how do you react to the news that you will inherit a sizable property inheritance upon death of a close relative?!?! Thank you so much for your generosity, but I sincerely hope that I never have the opportunity to collect because to think otherwise is to wish your demise?!?!

2 responses to “Alaska Cruise

  1. Glad to hear you guys had a great time. Sounds fun!!

    2020 retirement eh? That is right around the corner. You guys excited??

    • Excited but I think as we get closer to 2020 I will be anxious (about no regular paycheck) therefore I will most likely continue to work part time if that is an option at my current place of employment. I’ve got a good gig working with family that I sincerely enjoy.

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