Keep your actions in line with your philosophy

Our philosophy is to keep a simple standard of living so we can retire early and travel at a relatively young age. Much younger than the typical retirement age of 60+ years.

However, this post could also be titled, “When is it OK to buy a sports car?” I know, I know! What is wrong with us?!? B and I are pretty frugal people, and normally this wouldn’t even be a question. BUT I told B, when we got married last year that if he sold his house AND he sold his motorcycle, that I wouldn’t be opposed to considering getting an older used sports car, something in the 15-20K range. The reason for this is two-fold. 1) I don’t really like riding on the motorcycle, but he had the bike before we were together and I refuse to be one of the wives that “forbids” her husband to do something like “ride a motorcycle.” I’ve ridden on the back a couple of times, it’s just not that comfortable and it makes me a little nervous. 2) We recently had a friend in a horrific motorcycle accident and he is blessed to even be alive, therefore I’m freaked out immensely and because of 1) where I refuse to be that wife that forbids anything, I am a wife that choses to bargain.

However I don’t think B really wants to give up his motorcycle and because I don’t want to spend the money for a sports car, we remain in a holding pattern. I know sometimes when you want something and then eventually get it, the actual owning can be a let down. Therefore I think we will put off this particular expense, and maybe when we go to Florida in January, we will rent a sports car for our drive from Miami up the ocean, doesn’t that sound like FUN?!?

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