You have to want it MORE!

For the majority of this year, once I completed my half marathon in February, I have let my fitness slack. I don’t know why I did this, laziness, comfort in my new happy marriage? Whatever the reason, I have decided that things have to change and I want to get fit and healthy for myself. I know what this involves, strict calorie counting and daily exercise (or at least 5 days a week).

Monday and Tuesday, I usually start the week right, exercising in the evenings. Wednesday can be hit or miss, maybe a rest day. Then Thursday is busy and I need to exercise in the a.m. same with Friday. I set my alarm the night before with the best intentions. However, come morning in my cozy bed, my motivation wains and snooze is hit, or the alarm is reset for a normal (non-workout) time.

Last night as I went to bed at an earlier more reasonable time, I made a committment to get up this morning (Friday). As my alarm went off this morning, I hit snooze once, but used this time to think about what I REALLY want, not to catch a few more zzzz’s as usual. I asked myself seriously, “N, what do you want more? Do you want an extra 30 minutes sleeping in this bed, or do you want to go to the basement workout room and run for 30 minutes and be on the path to health and fitness that you are striving for? What will make you feel more accomplished? What will start your day better? What will make you more proud?” The answer was easy, I have had a good week of healthy eating, I exercised twice earlier in the week, and need to exercise today, Saturday and Sunday to hit my 5 weekly workouts. Once I made a water bottle, and got into my run/walk program, I was feeling good, a little tired but very good. I thought how I want to commit to two morning workouts next week. I thought about how life is all about choices and asking yourself “What do you want MORE?” This can be applied to saving or pretty much anything in your life. Do your actions bring you closer or further away from your goals? Do you create a vision board? Do you have measurable goals? I had a weight loss goal of 2# for this week, and I already hit it yesterday. I am on track to meet my overall weight loss goal by early December. I want this MORE than sleeping in bed for an extra 30 minutes. I am confident that I will achieve this goal. What are your goals? Do you use self talk for motivation? Have a wonderful weekend!

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