November Expense Tracking FAIL

Another month, another spend tracking fail. I started doing so well, I tracked everything I spent for the first half of the month. Then B started paying for some things, groceries, dinners out, random stuff and I realized what’s the point of my tracking if I don’t track B’s? Then I just sort of gave up.

Going to try again in December with B on board. Maybe by January, I’ll get it right.

The exercise and diet was also a bust. I got sick and didn’t feel well, stupid winter colds. So I just let myself rest and take a break. I don’t think I’m too far off track, but most likely will not make my weight loss goal this month.

I’m keeping my goals for the end of the year. I also have 9 Hot Yoga classes to finish before the end of the year, they are no longer doing roll-over when you purchase a new package and this annoys me to no end. Enough that once I finish this package I will not return there. They used to be so nice and accommodating. I vow to use all classes, then good-bye Hot Yoga, it’s been a nice ride. On to BalletCore and Zumba!

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