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2012 New Worth Update

Holy moly, was this a good year or what!?!

We started the year with a net worth of 425,000. The goal for 2012 was roughly 500,000. We started the year with each getting a nice bonus, mid-year we sold B’s house out of state for a tidy little profit, we then sold B’s car, as I had two. We’ve been clearing clutter, cutting back, contributing to our 401k’s and Scottrade account. Just generally beefing up our savings, not letting our wants control us. Later this year, we received a surprise monetary gift from family. And drumroll please….ta da…. our net worth for 2012 is….

575,000! I’m a little in shock, although I do track our net worth monthly, so it was kind of growing rapidly these last few months. The only not so sure number is our house. I don’t know what it would sell for as we haven’t had an appraisal done, but I don’t think I would let it go for less than 200,000.

Pretty exciting! I’m setting a lofty goal for 2013 of 650,000. If we get some bonus money and the market is up, who knows, maybe it’s not such a crazy number after all?!?

Workout Partners – 12/17/12 Update

I must say I am a proud Mama. My girls and I did our workout and weigh ins last night and A was down in BodyFat percentage, 4%! C was down 5#. I am so excited! They both have the goals to lose 20# during our time together and C is already 1/4 of the way there. Wooo Hoo! A is in a better place mentally and is less focused on numbers and more concerned with how she feels, and she is feeling great.

We did a routine heavy on squats, pushups and planks and they pushed themselves. We also had a good conversation where we talked about healthy eating choices and future goals. It’s so motivational for me. I love to see the progress and they even said they are starting to feel the changes in their bodies just after a week. Better posture, less bloating and not to mention a little soreness, but that is a good thing! It means they are working and their bodies are changing for the better, getting fitter and stronger.

I can’t imagine how much I will be beaming when we finish these 12 weeks. We might have to have a small celebration.

Hot Yoga = Bad Mood

Hot Yoga was something I used to look forward to, and this month it seems to be my nemesis. I have 8 classes to use before the end of the year, exactly 20 days, or they expire, no value, nada. We will be traveling/gone 5 days. B’s parents/friends will be in town for 4 days. One day is a holiday. So of the next 20 days, I will have the opportunity on 10 days. This is my personal goal for December to not let those darn classes go unused.

I have heard several people at the Studio talk about how they like to go every day. Well here’s a news flash, “I don’t like to go every darn day.” I like to go once a week. Then I got off schedule, got sick, was doing other things and my classes accumulated and now I’m stuck with 8 classes, ugh!

At the same time I have to keep up with my running schedule in training for my 25K in May. And I also volunteered to train my two friends once a week, which although only an hour, takes a bit of time and mental energy too. Whew! I just needed a little vent session and to put this goal down as affirmation that I will DO THIS! Maybe if I accomplish this goal, Hot Yoga = Good Mood?

Motivation – Workout Partners

On my eternal journey of fitness, staying fit, keeping motivated I met with two friends last week and we had a chat about fitness accountability and motivation.

I love to workout, well, not always I’ll admit. But I do like the feeling I have when I’m done working out. My two friends were in need of a little help getting started. Since I have worked out with trainers in the past, I volunteered to be their trainer/workout buddy for 12 weeks.

Our first workout was yesterday, and we had a great workout. I was really impressed with their effort. It wasn’t an easy workout and they never gave up, they just pushed through and gave it their all.

We each have goals for the 12 weeks, roughly we all want to be realistic and lose 1-2# per week, with a total goal of 12-24# of weight loss each. I’ll keep updates on here.

2013 Goals

Reviewing my goals, I realize they are mostly fitness related.

1. Run a 25K in May, possibly a Marathon in October-the marathon is on my bucket list.

2. Total miles for the year 750. That’s an average of 14.4 per week, yipes! If I train for a marathon, this should be fairly easy to accomplish.

3. Go with B on work trips 2x. During 2011 and 2012, I’ve went once per year. It’s enjoyable for both of us when I can tag along, it’s a nice mini break.

4. Save $40,000 in our early retirement account. Or buy income property, either way it will be going towards creating passive income.

5. Spend more time with nieces & nephews. Some type of overnight trip, maybe Mackinac Island or Wisconsin Dells? Or both?

6. Read the bible daily. Even if it’s just a few scriptures.

7. Get weight into mid 130s and maintain. I am so much happier and more confident at that weight range. Running is also easier, much lighter on my feet 🙂

8. Take 1 class a week: BalletCore, Zumba, Spinning. If I can’t get to a class, do an exercise video at home, want to be balanced, not just running.

9. Earn $5000 in Dividend Income. 2012 should be around $3000, this is a nice stretch goal.

10. Have side network marketing business active and earn $5000 in 2013. We have let this slide and earned under $1000 in 2012.

11. Organize the house! We are getting new carpet in January for the main floor and refinishing the wood floors. I want our house to be a source of pride, not aggrivation.

12. Redo our Master bedroom. We have wanted a King bed. Which means new headboard, etc. Also want to recarpet upstairs but we have it in the budget.

13. Net worth to 650,000. Ending 2012 around 575,000. This is a stretch goal by around 13,000. Hopefully B will get a nice Bonus and our investments will be UP!