2013 Goals

Reviewing my goals, I realize they are mostly fitness related.

1. Run a 25K in May, possibly a Marathon in October-the marathon is on my bucket list.

2. Total miles for the year 750. That’s an average of 14.4 per week, yipes! If I train for a marathon, this should be fairly easy to accomplish.

3. Go with B on work trips 2x. During 2011 and 2012, I’ve went once per year. It’s enjoyable for both of us when I can tag along, it’s a nice mini break.

4. Save $40,000 in our early retirement account. Or buy income property, either way it will be going towards creating passive income.

5. Spend more time with nieces & nephews. Some type of overnight trip, maybe Mackinac Island or Wisconsin Dells? Or both?

6. Read the bible daily. Even if it’s just a few scriptures.

7. Get weight into mid 130s and maintain. I am so much happier and more confident at that weight range. Running is also easier, much lighter on my feet 🙂

8. Take 1 class a week: BalletCore, Zumba, Spinning. If I can’t get to a class, do an exercise video at home, want to be balanced, not just running.

9. Earn $5000 in Dividend Income. 2012 should be around $3000, this is a nice stretch goal.

10. Have side network marketing business active and earn $5000 in 2013. We have let this slide and earned under $1000 in 2012.

11. Organize the house! We are getting new carpet in January for the main floor and refinishing the wood floors. I want our house to be a source of pride, not aggrivation.

12. Redo our Master bedroom. We have wanted a King bed. Which means new headboard, etc. Also want to recarpet upstairs but we have it in the budget.

13. Net worth to 650,000. Ending 2012 around 575,000. This is a stretch goal by around 13,000. Hopefully B will get a nice Bonus and our investments will be UP!

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