Hot Yoga = Bad Mood

Hot Yoga was something I used to look forward to, and this month it seems to be my nemesis. I have 8 classes to use before the end of the year, exactly 20 days, or they expire, no value, nada. We will be traveling/gone 5 days. B’s parents/friends will be in town for 4 days. One day is a holiday. So of the next 20 days, I will have the opportunity on 10 days. This is my personal goal for December to not let those darn classes go unused.

I have heard several people at the Studio talk about how they like to go every day. Well here’s a news flash, “I don’t like to go every darn day.” I like to go once a week. Then I got off schedule, got sick, was doing other things and my classes accumulated and now I’m stuck with 8 classes, ugh!

At the same time I have to keep up with my running schedule in training for my 25K in May. And I also volunteered to train my two friends once a week, which although only an hour, takes a bit of time and mental energy too. Whew! I just needed a little vent session and to put this goal down as affirmation that I will DO THIS! Maybe if I accomplish this goal, Hot Yoga = Good Mood?

One response to “Hot Yoga = Bad Mood

  1. This was a total fail. I don’t want to write another post about failing yet another goal. I chose my sanity over using all those darn classes, I probably let about 5 classes slide, probably wasted $45-. I WILL NOT buy any hot yoga group passes in 2013! I might go to one of their donation classes, or special sessions, but I refuse to buy an session packages.

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