Motivation – Workout Partners

On my eternal journey of fitness, staying fit, keeping motivated I met with two friends last week and we had a chat about fitness accountability and motivation.

I love to workout, well, not always I’ll admit. But I do like the feeling I have when I’m done working out. My two friends were in need of a little help getting started. Since I have worked out with trainers in the past, I volunteered to be their trainer/workout buddy for 12 weeks.

Our first workout was yesterday, and we had a great workout. I was really impressed with their effort. It wasn’t an easy workout and they never gave up, they just pushed through and gave it their all.

We each have goals for the 12 weeks, roughly we all want to be realistic and lose 1-2# per week, with a total goal of 12-24# of weight loss each. I’ll keep updates on here.

2 responses to “Motivation – Workout Partners

  1. Highyieldsoldier

    Have you ever thought about becoming a fitness trainer? You sound like you would be good at it. My brother recently lost his job, and he is a fitness nut, so I tried to encourage him to start training others part time, and he just flat out refused, lol. I wonder if its common for people who are really fit to be afraid of training others?

    • If I ever found myself without a job, I would consider becoming a trainer. Maybe I will even get certified in my “spare” time 😉 Actually I am enjoying training my friends, it’s great experience.

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