Workout Partners – 12/17/12 Update

I must say I am a proud Mama. My girls and I did our workout and weigh ins last night and A was down in BodyFat percentage, 4%! C was down 5#. I am so excited! They both have the goals to lose 20# during our time together and C is already 1/4 of the way there. Wooo Hoo! A is in a better place mentally and is less focused on numbers and more concerned with how she feels, and she is feeling great.

We did a routine heavy on squats, pushups and planks and they pushed themselves. We also had a good conversation where we talked about healthy eating choices and future goals. It’s so motivational for me. I love to see the progress and they even said they are starting to feel the changes in their bodies just after a week. Better posture, less bloating and not to mention a little soreness, but that is a good thing! It means they are working and their bodies are changing for the better, getting fitter and stronger.

I can’t imagine how much I will be beaming when we finish these 12 weeks. We might have to have a small celebration.

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