2012 New Worth Update

Holy moly, was this a good year or what!?!

We started the year with a net worth of 425,000. The goal for 2012 was roughly 500,000. We started the year with each getting a nice bonus, mid-year we sold B’s house out of state for a tidy little profit, we then sold B’s car, as I had two. We’ve been clearing clutter, cutting back, contributing to our 401k’s and Scottrade account. Just generally beefing up our savings, not letting our wants control us. Later this year, we received a surprise monetary gift from family. And drumroll please….ta da…. our net worth for 2012 is….

575,000! I’m a little in shock, although I do track our net worth monthly, so it was kind of growing rapidly these last few months. The only not so sure number is our house. I don’t know what it would sell for as we haven’t had an appraisal done, but I don’t think I would let it go for less than 200,000.

Pretty exciting! I’m setting a lofty goal for 2013 of 650,000. If we get some bonus money and the market is up, who knows, maybe it’s not such a crazy number after all?!?

One response to “2012 New Worth Update

  1. Well done! That’s a huge increase! Good luck this year 🙂

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