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Fitness February



This picture was taken after a kayak and hike in Kauai, since B had done this kayak/hike with a tour on a prior trip, we decided we didn’t need to go with a group. We rented a double kayak and got an early start before the tourists arrived. It was the most peaceful spot. I was in pretty great shape on our honeymoon, so this picture is motivation for me, even if you can’t really see me clearly, I remember how good and fit I felt. I want to get that feeling back.

I am linking up for a February Fitness Challenge with Hawaii Plan I also thought since it is Hawaii Plan’s goal to retire in Hawaii, it would be appropriate to put a picture of Hawaii, cute right 🙂 B and I would like to retire in Hawaii, but since we would like to retire early, we will settle for trips there as often as possible. Can’t wait to get back there in early 2014!

We have pretty similar goals, here are mine.

1)Track calories all week, stay in range if not every day, for the week.
2)Run 50 miles
3)Daily PushUps, Keep up with 100 PushUps App
4)Get weight 145-147, no more 150s!

I’m not great at tracking calories, but I know this works, so I’m going to stick with it. I am also conscious of food components, like I know Fiber and Protein keep me full, so I must include them in every meal. It must sound like I start a new diet every week, but it’s really only every month or so. I get frustrated easily. Right now I am really enjoying The Miracle Carb Diet I’ve tried a few of the recipes, and of course they’re not as good as the full fatty fat versions, but they are a good substitute, spinach dip made with greek yogurt instead of sour cream and mayo, hello yummy goodness! Last night I even made an Asian Cod, that was really flaky and delicious, even B liked it! Tracking will be a challenge for the first week, but I’ll just do the best I can.

Since I ran/walked over 30 miles in January, I think 50 for February is very doable. Plus the first week we’ll be on vacation, so I plan to get some nice long run/walks accomplished.

I have tried to do the 100 Push Up challenge before and got a few weeks in, but didn’t finish. Now that they have a handy App for my iphone, I think it will be pretty easy to accomplish. That way, even on my non-workout days, I will be doing something.

As for goal weight, I’m not trying for anything crazy, if I can just lose 3# a month, I will be at my goal by summer. With the calorie tracking and increased running, I should be able to reach this goal. I am also considering rewarding myself for the weeks that I track my calories and stay within my calorie budget, not reward myself for weight loss, the weight loss is really a reward in itself. The calorie counting is the difficult part.

I am feeling very positive about 2013!

January Goal Update

See my January goals here

1. Finish up the 2013 Budget, that was easy and completed right away. However, as we’ve been tracking expenses, we are over in both Dining Out and Groceries. Need to be a little more careful in these categories.

2. Run/Walk 30 Miles, pretty easy once I set the goal and stayed accountable. I am already at about 35 miles, mostly running. Just a little walking here and there.

3. Read the Bible daily. This didn’t happen- I started strong, then completely fell off. I think I should just do a weekly goal for next month. Much easier to accomplish, as I want to set realistic and achievable goals.

4. Lose 5#, um no. This weight loss business is HARD! I have had 4 sessions with a trainer, and have started eating MUCH healthier this month. I am feeling better, but no significant weight loss. We did check my body fat on the analyzer machine, and I have gone down 2% which is pretty impressive. I am feeling good about that, so even though it’s not weight, I am losing fat, which technically is better, right?!? Not a complete fail. More of a body composition shift, which is something that makes me happy.

Working Out: The Trainer and The Trainee


This is me on a short zip line at a local zoo a few years ago. I’m always acting like a kid.

This is an update on my workouts.

As the trainer: If you remember a few weeks back I offered to train a couple of friends one day a week for 12 weeks. So far we have met 5 times and of those A has missed 2. That is a little disappointing, but I’m just encouraging her to do her best. C has been so dedicated, I can definitely see changes in her mindset in just these few short weeks. She is working out on her own other times during the week, even working out with another friend. I am really hoping that A can get back that enthusiasm she had at the beginning of all this. I’m trying to not let this get me discouraged because I know she would be so happy with herself if she could just get past this hump.

As the trainee: My gym was offering a deal on personal training 5 sessions for a low price. I have had 2 sessions and they have both seriously been worth every penny! The trainer is really good at picking appropriate exercises and getting my heart pounding. The first day we did these bench hops and I was out of breath in a quick hurry. Hey, I’m a runner, I’m supposed to have good cardio?!? I guess I haven’t been pushing myself enough. Gotta mix it up! Then this week was arms and so many push ups and pull ups (on a low bar, not full pull ups, I’m not there….yet!) my arms were beet red! She said that was a good sign, I was thinking, What is wrong with me? It has been such a nice treat to just let someone else tell me what to do and the time passes so quickly. I think I may reward myself with another few session later in the year, if I can find the $ in the budget.

I’ve been running on my own, this month I set a low goal of 30 miles and I am more than 1/2 way there. Yay! Gotta love it!

I am eating on a new plan, The 4 Hour Body Diet Plan, it has to do with Slow Carbs with one cheat day/week. Today is Day 10, and I have lost 1.5 #, I am confident that I will reach my goal of 144.5 by the time we leave for Florida, 2-2-13. Or at least be much closer to my goal 🙂

January 9th First Budget Glitch

Went to the dentist for my normal cleaning.

Remembered we no longer have dental insurance.

I didn’t put anything in the budget to cover that.


I guess I’ll just put this bill in the personal spending category, at least it’s a cleaning and nothing too pricey.

Fewer shoes for me this year!

2013 Budget

This was my first goal for January, check! Complete the 2013 Yearly Budget, done.

I have 21 Categories- our goal is to save 50% of our Net Income (no bonus) in our early-retirement account (Obviously this doesn’t include our 401k Contributions, Taxes, etc.)

Sorry for the lack of formatting- I need to work on this :/

Category Month, Year
Home Insurance-camper 70, 840
Vehicles (insurance & maintenance) 70, 840
B’s life insurance 15, 180
Car Payment & insurance 0, 0
Gas 100, 1200
Groceries 400, 4800
Home Improvements – carpet & wood 600, 7200
Dining Out 400, 4800
Entertainment 100, 1200
Cable 40, 480
Utilities – gas & electric 200, 2400
Utilities – water-sewer 50, 600
Trash collection 50, 600
Taxes-property 400, 4800
Clothes/shoes/personal/drycleaning 160, 1920
Donations(charity)180, 2160
Gym/classes/race fees 100, 1200
Gifts 50, 600
Telephone & Internet 80, 960
Dog vet expenses & groomer 40, 480
Travel 300, 3600
Total Spend 3405, 40860

So you can see we don’t have a house payment or a car payment, although we are thinking of getting a different vehicle this year, so that category may change.

Our current vehicle category includes insurance & registration for a motorcycle (B’s) and two snowmobiles. We’ve had such a lackluster winter these past couple years we might sell the snowmobiles.

Also we are putting a fair amount of money into home upgrades. We are considering selling our home and building. This just seems like a lot of work to me, but we would like to eventually live on a bit more land and have a bit smaller home.

In fact we are having the wood floors refinished this week. The home is about 20 years old and this has never been done. It’s overdue for some maintenance, I can’t wait to see the results! Later this month two rooms will be recarpeted, also overdue for that. Ahh, it feels so good to be able to have saved the money for these improvements and not to have to stress about these projects. We didn’t pick the highest grade carpet (we have a dog) but still quite nice. The salesperson gave us the option of opening a credit card where we would have to make monthly payments at 0% for one year. It was so nice to be able to say, “No Thank You.”

Ahhhh, I can’t wait to dig my toes into nice new plush carpet!

January Goals

I finalized my 2013 goals here.

January Goals:

1. Finish up 2013 Budget, yes, I’m a little behind, but I need B to look over the budget and see if he agrees. So far I haven’t made any purchases in 2013 🙂

2. Run/Walk 30 miles, I’m easing back into running regularly, so there has been some walking in there. Yesterday I ran/walked 4. We’ve got a 5k on the 19th with friends, added motivation.

3. Read the Bible daily, even if just a few scriptures. Yesterday I read a few, on track for 1 day 🙂

4. Lose weight! At least 5#, I hired a personal trainer for 5 visits this month. I have gotten off track, and we go to Florida Feb 2-2. Need to get back on track. Right now I’m 150, I hate even typing that number, ugh! I was hoping to at least be 149.5 by Jan 1st, so I could say I wasn’t ever in the 150s in 2013. Not past this month!