January Goals

I finalized my 2013 goals here.

January Goals:

1. Finish up 2013 Budget, yes, I’m a little behind, but I need B to look over the budget and see if he agrees. So far I haven’t made any purchases in 2013 šŸ™‚

2. Run/Walk 30 miles, I’m easing back into running regularly, so there has been some walking in there. Yesterday I ran/walked 4. We’ve got a 5k on the 19th with friends, added motivation.

3. Read the Bible daily, even if just a few scriptures. Yesterday I read a few, on track for 1 day šŸ™‚

4. Lose weight! At least 5#, I hired a personal trainer for 5 visits this month. I have gotten off track, and we go to Florida Feb 2-2. Need to get back on track. Right now I’m 150, I hate even typing that number, ugh! I was hoping to at least be 149.5 by Jan 1st, so I could say I wasn’t ever in the 150s in 2013. Not past this month!

3 responses to “January Goals

  1. Your goals look similar to mine! So jealous that you’re going somewhere sunny soon! That would be great bathing suit motivation. šŸ™‚

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