2013 Budget

This was my first goal for January, check! Complete the 2013 Yearly Budget, done.

I have 21 Categories- our goal is to save 50% of our Net Income (no bonus) in our early-retirement account (Obviously this doesn’t include our 401k Contributions, Taxes, etc.)

Sorry for the lack of formatting- I need to work on this :/

Category Month, Year
Home Insurance-camper 70, 840
Vehicles (insurance & maintenance) 70, 840
B’s life insurance 15, 180
Car Payment & insurance 0, 0
Gas 100, 1200
Groceries 400, 4800
Home Improvements – carpet & wood 600, 7200
Dining Out 400, 4800
Entertainment 100, 1200
Cable 40, 480
Utilities – gas & electric 200, 2400
Utilities – water-sewer 50, 600
Trash collection 50, 600
Taxes-property 400, 4800
Clothes/shoes/personal/drycleaning 160, 1920
Donations(charity)180, 2160
Gym/classes/race fees 100, 1200
Gifts 50, 600
Telephone & Internet 80, 960
Dog vet expenses & groomer 40, 480
Travel 300, 3600
Total Spend 3405, 40860

So you can see we don’t have a house payment or a car payment, although we are thinking of getting a different vehicle this year, so that category may change.

Our current vehicle category includes insurance & registration for a motorcycle (B’s) and two snowmobiles. We’ve had such a lackluster winter these past couple years we might sell the snowmobiles.

Also we are putting a fair amount of money into home upgrades. We are considering selling our home and building. This just seems like a lot of work to me, but we would like to eventually live on a bit more land and have a bit smaller home.

In fact we are having the wood floors refinished this week. The home is about 20 years old and this has never been done. It’s overdue for some maintenance, I can’t wait to see the results! Later this month two rooms will be recarpeted, also overdue for that. Ahh, it feels so good to be able to have saved the money for these improvements and not to have to stress about these projects. We didn’t pick the highest grade carpet (we have a dog) but still quite nice. The salesperson gave us the option of opening a credit card where we would have to make monthly payments at 0% for one year. It was so nice to be able to say, “No Thank You.”

Ahhhh, I can’t wait to dig my toes into nice new plush carpet!

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