January Goal Update

See my January goals here

1. Finish up the 2013 Budget, that was easy and completed right away. However, as we’ve been tracking expenses, we are over in both Dining Out and Groceries. Need to be a little more careful in these categories.

2. Run/Walk 30 Miles, pretty easy once I set the goal and stayed accountable. I am already at about 35 miles, mostly running. Just a little walking here and there.

3. Read the Bible daily. This didn’t happen- I started strong, then completely fell off. I think I should just do a weekly goal for next month. Much easier to accomplish, as I want to set realistic and achievable goals.

4. Lose 5#, um no. This weight loss business is HARD! I have had 4 sessions with a trainer, and have started eating MUCH healthier this month. I am feeling better, but no significant weight loss. We did check my body fat on the analyzer machine, and I have gone down 2% which is pretty impressive. I am feeling good about that, so even though it’s not weight, I am losing fat, which technically is better, right?!? Not a complete fail. More of a body composition shift, which is something that makes me happy.

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