Fitness February



This picture was taken after a kayak and hike in Kauai, since B had done this kayak/hike with a tour on a prior trip, we decided we didn’t need to go with a group. We rented a double kayak and got an early start before the tourists arrived. It was the most peaceful spot. I was in pretty great shape on our honeymoon, so this picture is motivation for me, even if you can’t really see me clearly, I remember how good and fit I felt. I want to get that feeling back.

I am linking up for a February Fitness Challenge with Hawaii Plan I also thought since it is Hawaii Plan’s goal to retire in Hawaii, it would be appropriate to put a picture of Hawaii, cute right 🙂 B and I would like to retire in Hawaii, but since we would like to retire early, we will settle for trips there as often as possible. Can’t wait to get back there in early 2014!

We have pretty similar goals, here are mine.

1)Track calories all week, stay in range if not every day, for the week.
2)Run 50 miles
3)Daily PushUps, Keep up with 100 PushUps App
4)Get weight 145-147, no more 150s!

I’m not great at tracking calories, but I know this works, so I’m going to stick with it. I am also conscious of food components, like I know Fiber and Protein keep me full, so I must include them in every meal. It must sound like I start a new diet every week, but it’s really only every month or so. I get frustrated easily. Right now I am really enjoying The Miracle Carb Diet I’ve tried a few of the recipes, and of course they’re not as good as the full fatty fat versions, but they are a good substitute, spinach dip made with greek yogurt instead of sour cream and mayo, hello yummy goodness! Last night I even made an Asian Cod, that was really flaky and delicious, even B liked it! Tracking will be a challenge for the first week, but I’ll just do the best I can.

Since I ran/walked over 30 miles in January, I think 50 for February is very doable. Plus the first week we’ll be on vacation, so I plan to get some nice long run/walks accomplished.

I have tried to do the 100 Push Up challenge before and got a few weeks in, but didn’t finish. Now that they have a handy App for my iphone, I think it will be pretty easy to accomplish. That way, even on my non-workout days, I will be doing something.

As for goal weight, I’m not trying for anything crazy, if I can just lose 3# a month, I will be at my goal by summer. With the calorie tracking and increased running, I should be able to reach this goal. I am also considering rewarding myself for the weeks that I track my calories and stay within my calorie budget, not reward myself for weight loss, the weight loss is really a reward in itself. The calorie counting is the difficult part.

I am feeling very positive about 2013!

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  1. Laura / No More Spending

    Good luck!

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