Off to Florida!

Looking forward to some sunshine and a week without work. Lazy days, long runs, reading on the beach, kayaking and cocktails. Doesn’t that sound marvelous. It does to me.

I’m not great about keeping track of spending while on vacation (or really anytime for that matter) so this will be a challenge. We’ve done reasonably well during January, I’d like to keep this momentum up. I will do a January review when we return.

My husband and I will be with both sets of parents in Florida, this should be interesting. Everyone gets along, but we’ve never traveled ‘together.’ Although technically not all together, we will be in a condo with my in-laws and my parents will be in their RV (my dream- to roam free).

Hope everyone has a great week. I’m hoping to get some exercise in, I know I’ll be indulging in some delicious food, so I am just trying to keep my portions small to counter balance my treats. I’ve got vacation brain already, is it 5 o’clock yet?

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