February Fitness Update

Palm Coast

Palm Coast

This was our view for the last week! I could get used to that!

On the spending tracking during vacation, I did pretty terrible. We didn’t really overspend, but I didn’t keep track, so I’ll have to go back and kind of estimate just so February and the rest of the year isn’t thrown off too much. On the eating front, it was a big bust too. Too many cocktails, too many snacks and not enough exercise. We did make it to the gym once, but I ended my run about half way through when a sweet older lady was quite perplexed as she tried both the elliptical and the bike but kept looking longingly at my treadmill. She practically glowed when I got off and told her that I was *done* with my workout šŸ™‚ My good deed for the day.

As for the February workout goals. Here’s an update, half way through the month.

1. Track Calories (During vacation, I took a vacation from tracking, once back I am keeping track and doing well-at least I lost the weight I gained on vacation, only 2# but still it’s tough for me to lose weight)

2. Run 50 miles (hmm, going to have to really step this up! so far have only run 12.2 – YIKES – 37.8 to go!)

3. Push-ups (doing well keeping up with the app, even on vacation)

4. Lower weight to 145-147 (see 1. not good! I am bringing it back down, actually I’d be happy if I can just see anything in the 140s)

There you have it, my February update.

On a side note, I was watching Jillian Michaels on a Bravo Talk Show, and she said she didn’t like Hot Yoga. She said it’s not good to exercise in such extreme heat, it’s better to warm your body from the inside. That kind of makes me feel better for letting those last few classes expire. I’m back to running, weight training, Zumba, Ballet Core and any fun classes that show up. I want to try WERQ, which I guess is like Zumba, but with more popular songs.

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