Entering the Lottery

The Chicago Marathon Lottery

The Chicago Marathon, held in October, is one of the most popular marathons in the United States. The course is flat and there is plenty of good scenery. I am looking forward to Lake Michigan views, skyscrapers, many cheering fans and several elite athletes that will complete their race in less than half the time that I hope to achieve.

Registration opened February 19 at noon. However B and I were traveling and I didn’t try to register on my iphone. Rumors were that the race would sell out in days, but I figured I would have time later that evening to sign up. For anyone who was attempting to register for the Chicago Marathon I’m sure you know there were several glitches with the registration process and now we are offered a Lottery Format for the remaining 15,000 entries.

I entered the Lottery this week, and will be notified on March 12 if I have received one of the coveted entries. Of course I was a little on the fence about doing a Marathon this year. I didn’t run much last year, just one 1/2 Marathon in February. My right knee has been bothering me (too much darn stairmaster in college!), and I imagine with age it will only get worse. But completing a marathon has been on my *bucket list* since I started running in my early 20s. I am so nervous because if I get in via the Lottery, this year will be full of training and no excuses. If I don’t get in, I fear I will never be able to do the Chicago marathon, because they will probably start to have qualifying times. I will never have a qualifying time because I really only want to do one marathon, I think my body handles 1/2 marathons pretty well, they are a challenge and something I want to do at least once a year.

My nerves are up and I have to wait a few more days to see what happens. One a side note, I do have a friend who works for a non-profit and if I don’t get to register via the Lottery, she may be able to get me an entry through her organization. However I’m sure I’ll have to commit to raising money for her charity, though that would be a good incentive and make the one marathon that I run in my life even more memorable and worthwhile. Here’s to marking off an accomplishment on my bucket list that has been there for about 10 years 🙂

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