Losing the Lottery and Updated March Goals

This morning after I awoke to my alarm, as my ritual, I checked my email as my blurry eyes adjusted to the new day, and there it was much earlier than expected. The official results to my lottery entry from The Chicago Marathon. My heart jumped as I opened the file, but alas, it was bad news, I did not make it in to the event. Now my only chance is through my good friend M. M works for a non-profit and when I told her that I was trying to get an entry to the Chicago Marathon through the Lottery, she said her non-profit has a few entries available. I am waiting to hear what that involves.

It seems kind of funny that I am just now listing Updated March Goals, because I never posted initial March Goals. I guess they were just in my head. So here we are almost ½ way through the month and I’m getting around to posting them, oops! Better late than never, right?

1. Run/Walk 60 miles (originally this was 90, but I know that’s just not doable, given I only ran about 20 last month)
2. Read the Bible every week (daily is still a goal, but doesn’t always happen, I have a set schedule, and as long as I keep to the weekly schedule, I should finish the Bible in 3 years, kind of a snail’s pace)
3. Lose weight! Get back in the 140s, how did I get so off track! (Running should really help, also trying the 5:2 diet)
4. Organize portfolio and figure when to sell a couple stocks that just haven’t been performing for me (they lowered their dividends, but I just didn’t pull the trigger and sell them, now I regret it. Regret to the tune of about 6K in loss, ouch, that’s a big oops!)
5. Research some new more stable dividend stocks (don’t get greedy, that is my downfall, steady, long term 3-4%, nothing too crazy)

B is traveling a lot this month, so I will have quite a bit of time to myself. I should be able to eat pretty light and have plenty of time to exercise. Right now he is gone until 3-22, so my mini goal is to lose 5# by the time he comes home.

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