Beautiful or Useful and April Goals

There are just too many “things” in my house. When B and I got married (almost 2 years ago come May) we didn’t do a bridal registry, why would we? We each had a house full of things and would be combining all of that to just one marital home. Recently I read a quote that was to the effect of “Keep Nothing Unless it is Beautiful or Useful” and now I feel the need to purge my many non-useful or non-beautiful possessions.

My Goals are for April include this sentiment by selling items on ebay as part of the decluttering process.

Without further ado.

1. Declutter and list at least 10 items on ebay. May be more ambitious and list more, but this is a start.

2. Run 50 miles (I have really slacked on motivation since I found out I’m probably not running the Chicago Marathon)

3. Lose weight! Be realistic 145 is my new goal for the end of April.

4. Get back on track with expense tracking. Need to make this a habit.

March Lookback

1. Run/Walk 60 miles (originally this was 90, but I know that’s just not doable, given I only ran about 20 last month) – This was a fail, I probably set my goal too high as I ran about 30 miles so far, might be able to update this after a long run this weekend.
2. Read the Bible every week (daily is still a goal, but doesn’t always happen, I have a set schedule, and as long as I keep to the weekly schedule, I should finish the Bible in 3 years, kind of a snail’s pace) Yes! read a little each week, so on track here.
3. Lose weight! Get back in the 140s, how did I get so off track! (Running should really help, also trying the 5:2 diet) – Lost a little gained it back, ugh!
4. Organize portfolio and figure when to sell a couple stocks that just haven’t been performing for me (they lowered their dividends, but I just didn’t pull the trigger and sell them, now I regret it. Regret to the tune of about 6K in loss, ouch, that’s a big oops!) – Just don’t have the timing right, still not sure when to sell.
5. Research some new more stable dividend stocks (don’t get greedy, that is my downfall, steady, long term 3-4%, nothing too crazy) – didn’t have a chance to research anything yet.

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