Hello 2014

dontletyesterdayThis is one of my goals for 2014, to live in the present and not be concerned with the past. I am so happy and grateful for where I am in my life! I have a fantastic husband. I have great relationships with my parents and family. I have a core group of 3am friends, you know the ones that even if you don’t get together regularly because of the business of life, they would be there when you needed them, even if they were asleep in the middle of the night.

I am working on a wrap up of 2013, because I was such a bad blogger and didn’t post much this year. 2014, I plan to write more, even if no one reads it, I will write for myself and keep this online journal to recap and recount my goals and thoughts. I hope to keep myself in line with my savings goals, and figure out where we want/need to be to at least have the option of early retirement.

2013, we stayed on track with savings, even though we weren’t totally frugal and splurged with a fun sports car. We are planning for the future but living in the moment and taking vacations and going out to dinners and enjoying life in the way we decide works best for us.

This these are the main goals.

1. Live in the moment, don’t worry about the past or people from the past, I have a great life, I need to enjoy it fully.

2. Take more pictures, I really like pictures but don’t take them nearly enough.

3. Workout more, this isn’t just to lose weight but to tone up and feel great. I am following the Tone It Up Girls Love Your Body Challenge, which involves running 100 miles by Valentines Day, 6 weeks averages to about 2.2 miles/day. Also plan on doing some of their toning routines. Really want to get weight back in the 130s, this involves losing almost 15#, yikes~ I have let myself slack! Work on portion control and eating cleaner, much cleaner. I also want to run a 5K under 30 minutes and a 10K under 60 minutes. No long races for me, I want to work on getting a little faster.

4. Continue to plan for early retirement, stick with savings goals, increase net worth by $100K, through savings and 401(k)s. Right now our net worth is approximately $702K, and I will be happy if we hit $800K by the end of the year. This translates to basically maxing out our 401(k)s and living off one salary.

5. Home renovations. We want to re-do our bedroom and laundry room. We also might need a new roof and furnace, totally not fun purchases, but pretty practical.

6. Take my niece on a graduation trip, maybe New York City?

7. Get on a better schedule to keep our house clean and tidy and organized, instead of that feeling of dread when unexpected company comes by, is the sink full of dirty dishes?!?

8. Send more letters and packages to friends and relatives. It’s so cheery to get something in the mail, I want to spread this feeling to others, my goal is at least one letter or package of goodies a month.



2 responses to “Hello 2014

  1. These are great goals! I haven’t seen the Love your body challenge, but I really like the idea of running 100 miles before Valentine’s Day!

  2. Thanks Hawaii Planner, you have so many great goals. I also like how you listed 13 things in 2013.

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