Will You?

YOU CAN Now that I’ve been getting back to running and participating in the #100byVDay challenge from the Tone It Up girls, so far I’m pretty much on track for the 6 week challenge. I decided I need a more concrete and measurable goal, other than just mileage.

I am going to combine my need to cut back on clothing purchases with dropping some pounds. I am not going to buy any new clothes/shoes/accessories until I reach my goal weight of 139#, this is approximately 13#. My date goal is by the end of March. When I accomplish this, I will reward myself with a little rose gold diamond half eternity band ( I found one on ebay for around $200- ), I’m really all about the rewards. This will add some sparkle to my wedding ring set, remind me of my healthy lifestyle and hopefully keep me on track so I don’t get back to this predicament again.

This spending freeze will not include second hand stuff.  I know I have to get a shopping fix somewhere and I can’t spend more than $50-/month on thrift/ebay/goodwill. Also I can use gift cards from my credit rewards which is like free money and doesn’t count right?

Since we are stuck in this polar vortex in the Midwest, running outside will not happen until we thaw out in spring.  I’m stuck on the treadmill. The treadmill is about as boring as you can imagine, thankfully I have Netflix and I can watch movies/shows while running and it’s a great distraction. I make little deals with myself, like I am only allowed to watch the shows or movies if I am on the treadmill. I can always churn out an extra mile or two if I’m in the middle of a good show or movie, even if the run turns into a walk, it’s still exercise right? I am so looking forward to Season 2 of House of Cards, but that doesn’t come out until the challenge is over in Mid-February. I need something NOW! I had heard that Orange is the New Black was quite an entertaining show, and I gave it a shot. Even though I didn’t think I was going to like it, as I’ve never really enjoyed prison movies at all, I was hooked after about 10 minutes. I found this series is based on a book, a true story, wow, crazy! What rock have I been living under?

What are you watching now? Do you make deals with yourself to accomplish goals? Have you ever given a show or movie a try that you didn’t think you would like, but then ended up totally addicted?

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