January One Week In

I’m one week into my running challenge and I’m proud to report, I am on track!

I was looking over my goals for last year, and although we managed to save a huge pile of money, this was mostly due to B (his super status saver genes rub off on me, I think twice before every purchase often putting off the purchase entirely) and the stock market. When it came to my health and fitness goals for the year, I fell short miserably. Although I didn’t gain weight, I didn’t lose either. Well I did managed to lose about 5# before our last vacation, then they quickly returned. So this year, I am quite serious about losing this extra weight. I am making it my #2 goal. #1 is always saving and staying on track, that is the title of this blog, I have to keep it the focus.

A little update on the rest of my goals.

1. Living in the moment, not dwelling on the past, doing very well.  Feeling in the present and at peace. A win and worthwhile goal.

2. Taking more pictures, not good at all, I pulled out my camera and it has sat in my purse or in my car during several events that I had planned on taking pictures, total Fail!

3. Workout more- doing well, getting back in the routine of am workouts. Had three morning workouts this week.

4. Savings on track!

5. Home Reno- gathering ideas, bought paint, but need to paint the bedroom. Maybe next week! No more putting this off.

6. Niece to NYC, have talked about this, maybe over her spring break, which is the first week of March. Also talked to B about hotels and things to do.

7. Tidy House- work in process, doing more laundry.

8. Sending packages- mailed a little package to a friend, had some makeup, a spice scented candle and some candy with a cute little card. Who will I chose for February? I’m thinking a friend who moved to Wyoming, I miss her, we used to be pen pals when we were younger.

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