Dividend Income

2010 –  $125.39 Just started investing, not really sure what I was doing.

2011 – $169.90 Starting to figure out the power of dividends, made better choices.

2012 – Goal $1000.00 – Completely surpassed goal, finished at $2,763.01

2013 – Goal $5000.00 (rather ambitious) – didn’t actively invest or research, finished at $3,297.68

2014 – Goal $4000.00 (more realistic) – get back to research and adding $1-5K per month into the Scottrade Account.

3 responses to “Dividend Income

  1. Congrats on your decision to invest in dividends, and good luck with your blogging.

    -Matt from Dividend Monk

  2. Thanks for the comment! You have a LOT of great info on your site.

  3. You have some pretty serious dividend income for someone who started out fairly recently. It’s nice to see that yield come in but don’t go chasing yield alone. Look for high dividend growth rates more so than current yield. Thanks for sharing!

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